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The Temperance Union was a London-based alt-country band. While the group cannot be classified as Irish, it is listed here due to the presence of Ian Olney (ex-Power Of Dreams) on guitar. He is joined in the Union by Lucy Baker, Si Endacott, Rhiannon Owen, Matt Woolvett and Bingham.

Very little is known or written about this group. However, the group came together in the early part of the 2000s. They certainly played gigs in Cork and Waterford during the Christmas period in 2003.

The band released an album 'Songs From The Distance' in 2005. The record was critically acclaimed. However, as it was self released it didn't have the penetration that it might otherwise have had. There are no records of any other releases from the band.

It's not clear when the band split, however, it's known that they were still together in 2007.

Rhiannon Owen [Vocals], Ian Olney [Guitar], Lucy Baker [Fiddle], Si Endacott [Guitar], Bingham [n/a], Matt Woolvett [n/a]

Cat Meat, Cypress, Mine!, Dancing Bastards From Hell, Deer Park, Lift, Loudermilk, The Miracle Retreat, Pharmacy, Power Of Dreams, Red Atlas, Strike Captain, Sultans Of Ping