CORK 199x - 199x
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Lift was a Cork-based group which was active during the early years of the 1990s. The band was formed by Mark Healy after Dancing Bastards From Hell came to an end. Along with himself, Lift also featured ex-Bastards Ian Olney [Guitar] and Graham Finn. Noel Quaid and Niall Macken completed the line up. The band played guitar and synth-driven instrumental music with titles including 'Franconetti's Car', 'You're Not My Kind' and 'Road Race'. It's not clear if any of these tracks were officially released during the band's lifetime.

After the band split, Ian continued to perform with Power Of Dreams before going on to play with a multitude of groups including Pharmacy, Sultans Of Ping, The Temperance Union and Cat Meat. Graham performed with Emperor Of Ice Cream, Bass Odyssey, The Shades and Sylvia Saint

In 2011, Lift's track 'Bellair' appeared on the 'Cork Rocks ::: Volume 2' compilation.

Mark Healy [Drums], Ian Olney [Guitar], Graham Finn [n/a], Noel Quaid [n/a], Niall Macken [n/a]

Bass Odyssey, Cat Meat, Cypress, Mine!, Dancing Bastards From Hell, Deer Park, Emperor Of Ice Cream, Loudermilk, The Miracle Retreat, Pharmacy, Power Of Dreams, Red Atlas, The Shades, Strike Captain, Sultans Of Ping, Sylvia Saint, The Temperance Union