CORK | LONDON 2008 - 2008
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Strike Captain appears to have been a solo project for Ian Olney. Ian has a long history in the music business - from his early days with little-known Cork-bands such as Cypress, Mine! and Dancing Bastards From Hell through to his time with internationally known groups such as Power Of Dreams and Sultans Of Ping. In more recent times, Ian has been based in the UK, playing with a string of London-based bands.

Very little is known about this project. A number of tracks were recorded in 2008. These titles included 'Side Of The Road', 'Champion Of The Sunny Side', 'Sure Good To See You', 'The verdict's In', 'Change Of Heart', 'Sunrise'.

It's not known is any material received an official release.

Ian Olney [Guitar]

Cat Meat, Cypress, Mine!, Dancing Bastards From Hell, Deer Park, Lift, Loudermilk, The Miracle Retreat, Pharmacy, Power Of Dreams, Red Atlas, Sultans Of Ping, The Temperance Union