SLIGO 2008 - TBC
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The Odd Couple was a Sligo-based jazz band which formed in 2008. The group featured Kieran Quinn [Keyboards & Vocals], Eddie Lee [Bass Guitar & Vocals] and Ken McDonald [Drums]. Eddie and Ken had played together in 1980s favourites, Those Nervous Animals. Eddie had also played with Nine Wassies From Bainne and NoCrows. Vocalist, Sinead Conway joined sometime later. Sinead came to fame along with her sisters as The Conway Sisters. In 2005, they entered the UK X-Factor and proceeded to do well - eventually being eliminated in Week 7.

The Odd Couple played jazz and had a repertoire that included the classics as well as contemporary compostions. In addition to this, the cand also played their own interpretations of TV theme tunes, The group was also known As a live and performance act, there are no known recordings from The Odd Couple. When Dave Flynn [ex-Couse & The Impossible] teamed up with others, the band decided a name change was in order and they became Anything Goes.

Sinead Conway [Vocals], Kieran Quinn [Keyboards & Vocals], Eddie Lee [Bass Guitar & Vocals], Ken McDonald [Drums]

Anything Goes, The Conway Sisters, Nine Wassies From Bainne, NoCrows, Red Shoes, Those Nervous Animals