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Anything Goes is a Wedding and Event band based in Sligo. The group boasts an exceptional CV for groups of this type. The band came in to beingout of a previous group, The Odd Couple. That group was formed in 2008 by Eddie Lee [ex-Those Nervous Animals & Nine Wassies From Bainne] on bass guitar and vocals, Kieran Quinn on keyboards and vocals and Ken McDonald on drums [also ex-Those Nervous Animals]. The trio were later joined by Sinead Conway [ex-The Conway Sisters] and, subsequently, Dave Flynn [ex-Couse & The Impossible]. With Dave on board on guitar and vocals, the band became Anything Goes.

As an 'events' band there are no releases from the outfit, however, it is understood that band has written an amount of original material.

Sinead Conway [Vocals], Dave Flynn [Vocals & Guitar], Kieran Quinn [Keyboards & Vocals], Shane McVicar [Keyboards & Vocals], Eddie Lee [Bass Guitar & Vocals], Ken McDonald [Drums]

The Conway Sisters, Couse & The Impossible, Nine Wassies From Bainne, NoCrows, The Odd Couple, Red Shoes, Those Nervous Animals