BLARNEY, CO. CORK 1986 - 1895
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A Cow In The Water was an alternative rock-pop band from Cork. The group was formed in Blarney in 1986. The group's full line up is unknown. However, the band was fronted by the enigmatic Aidan O'Connell. Fergus Ryan played guitar. A Cow In The Water took its inspiration from the likes of The Fall and The Smiths. The group displayed an appreciation for fine pop music.

The band sometimes performed as Tony O'Diamond And Top Group Fantastic. The band was active up until 1995. Tragically, Aidan passed away in 1996.

After the band's demise, Fergus went on to play with Bitchman and Stress berfore forming Madpooka.

In 2004, the band reformed for a once off gig to honor the life of Aidan. This period also heralded the release of the 'Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates' compilation. The 17 track release featured a number of tracks recorded by A Cow In The Water as well as material for Aidan's other projects such as Ming and The Jammy Dodger All-Stars. Some of the stand out tracks from the compilation were 'Hector', 'Rasher' and 'Hook In The Eyeball'.

Aidan O'Connell [Vocals], Fergus Ryan [Guitar]

Bitchman The Jammy Dodger All-Stars, Madpooka, Ming, Tony O'Diamond And Top Group Fantastic, Stress

'As Angry As You', 'The Crow', 'Hector', 'Hook In The Eyeball', 'Let's Go To The Pub', 'Rasher'