DUBLIN | CORK | ENGLAND 1999 - 200x
Stress was a Dublin-based hardcore-punk band active from the late 1990s to the mid 2000s. The band's line up included Keith Bessler [Bass Guitar], Mark Derenzy [Bass Guitar], Suzanne Waugh [Vocals], Sean Fitzgerald [Vocals], Mark Hayes [Drums], Johnny McMonagle [Guitar], Fergus Ryan [Guitar] and Ken Sweeney [Drums]. Sean, who was a founder member of the group, had played with Violent Phobia during the late 1980s. Mark also played with Knifed while Johnny was also known to be playing with Backhanders around the same time.

The band was very active on the live circuit throughout its career. Stress is known to have released one EP in 2001. The 4-tracker was entitled 'Jail The Corrupt Politicians' and featured tracks such as 'Cure The Disease, Kill The Patient' and 'Phones, Emails & Faxes'. In 2004, Protest Records released the 'Welcome 2 Hell' compilation. The collection included the track 'Bullshit Diatribe' from Stress.

After the band split, Ken went on to perform with a string of groups including Knifed, Nappyrash and Easpa Measa. Johnny played with Aces Wild and The Slick Hicks while Fergus went on form Madpooka.

- Band formed
- Release of 1st Demo
- Release of 'Jail The Corrupt Politicians' EP

'Cead Mile Failte', 'Cure The Disease, Kill The Patient', 'Dog Eat Dog', 'No Bark No Bite', 'Phonecalls, Emails & Faxes', 'Saints And Scholars', 'Stand Clear'