DUBLIN 1989 - 1989
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Scared Stiff was a short-lived psychobilly band from Dublin. The group was formed in 1989 out of the ashes of Sharkbait which had also featured Dave Finnegan and Simon Farrell. The rest of the line up included Ciaran Murphy [Guitar], Willo O'Brian [Bass Guitar] and Johnny Bonnie [Drums]. Bonnie had previously peformed with Those Handsome Devils.

Scared Stiff released a solitary album, 'Dark Streets' on Link Records in 1989 before disbanding later that year.

Ciaran and Willo went on to perform with The Mosquitoes while Bonnie played with the reformed Radiators From Space. Simon joined Spellbound and also found time to perform with Oona Fortune & The Pavement Kings

Dave Finnegan [Vocals], Ciaran Murphy [Guitar], Willo O'Brien [Bass Guitar], Johnny Bonnie [Drums], Simon Farrell [Bass Guitar]

Assembley, The Baby Snakes, Boneshakers, The Mosquitoes, Oona Fortune & The Pavement Kings, Radiators From Space, Sharkbait, Spellbound, Those Handsome Devils