DUBLIN 1981 - 1983
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Assembley was a synth-pop band from Dublin. The group was active between 1981 - 1983. During this time the most recognisable line up of the group included Leslie Dowdall [Vocals], Colm O'Kelly [Guitar], Ray Hartford [Bass Guitar] and Brian McGabhan [Drum Machine & Vocals]. Leslie has previously played with Electric Maggots while Colm had been a member of Revolver, John Bonnie [ex-The End] played drums with an early incarnation of the band. When he left, the remaining members employed the services of a drum machine.

The band recorded a couple of demos during its brief career, however, there are no known official releases from the band.

Assembley split in 1983. Leslie went on to join In Tua Nua with whom she played for several years during which time the band released the albums 'Vaudeville' [1987] and 'The Long Acre' [1988]. After the demise of In Tua Nua, Leslie pursued a solo career. Colm, Ray and Brian formed The Gorehounds.

Leslie Dowdall [Vocals], Colm O'Kelly [Guitar], Ray Hartford [Bass Guitar], Brian McGabhan [Drum Machine & Vocals], John Bonnie [Drums]

The Baby Snakes, The Blackouts, Leslie Dowdall, Electric Maggots, The End, Fast Skirts, The Gorehounds, In Tua Nua, Oona & The Devils, The Radiators From Space, Revolver, Scared Stiff, Those Handsome Devils

'Aftermath', 'Damp Climate', 'Lazy Day'