CORK 1982 - 1985/6
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Porcelyn Tears was an early-1980s all girl band from Cork. The group was formed in February 1982 by Ann Redmond [Vocals], Kay Creedon [Keyboards], Gerlyn Ryan [Bass Guitar] and Grace O'Sullivan [Drums]. Gerlyn was later replaced by Kamla Das [Ex-Expresso Mambo]. The band was heavily ifluenced by the indie-rock groups of the day including The Cure.

The band made a number of demo tapes and recorded three Fanning Sessions. However, there were no official releases from Porcelyn Tears.

After the group split in 1985/6, Anne went on to form The Chapterhouse with Dave Sullivan [Ex-Real Mayonnaize]

Ann Redmond [Vocals], Kay Creedon [Keyboards], Gerlyn Ryan [Bass Guitar], Grace O'Sullivan [Drums], Kamla Das [Bass Guitar]

The Chapterhouse, Expresso Mambo

'Bitter Sweet', 'Illusions'