The Joys

DUBLIN 198x - 199x
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The Joys was an indie-rock band based in Dublin. The group, which was active during the latter part of the 1980s and the start of the 1990s, was fronted by Deirdre O'Neiill. Over the years, the band's line up has included the likes of Terry Hackett [Drums], Pat Murphy [Guitar], Graham Darcy [Bass Guitar], Aidan Lane [Guitar] and Anthony D'Arcy [Drums].

While the release history of the band is unknown, the group contributed tracks to a number of compilations. The 'Nationwide 3' compilation featured 'Cheshire Cat' while 'Freedom Of Choice' included 'The Arabic Song'. The 1991 compilation also featured the track 'Suzanne'. This is the last known release from the group albeit it as part of a compilation.

After the group's split, Deirdre went on to front Junkster with Aidan and Graham also forming part of that line up. Terry went on to perform with The Wilde Oscars for a short period. Later, he was found playing with Perpetual Grooves.

Deirdre O'Neill [Vocals], Terry Hackett [Drums], Pat Murphy [Guitar], Graham Darcy [Bass Guitar], Aidan Lane [Guitar], Anthony D'Arcy [Drums]

Jam Jar Jail, Junkster, Perpetual Grooves, The Wilde Oscars