Jam Jar Jail

DUBLIN 19xx - 199x
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Jam Jar Jail was a hardcore band based in Dublin, The group centred around Chane O'Reilly [Vocals & Guitar] and Frances Roe [Bass Guitar & Vocals]. The band also included a succession of drummers including Tim McGrath, Eric Stover and Terry Hackett. Terry had previously drummer with The Joys. While the band is known to have been active during the early part of the 1990s, there is little else known about Jam Jar Jail. The group recorded a Fanning Session which featured 'Kill Me Kill You', 'Pump Me', 'Mom's A Zombie' and 'Elevator'.

Chane moved to the US where he performed with Surgeon Marta. Terry went on to drum with The Wilde Oscars and Perpetual Grooves. Eric Stover played with Mexican Pets and Large Mound.

Chane O'Reilly [Vocals & Guitar], Frances Roe [Bass Guitar & Vocals], Tim McGrath [Drums], Terry Hackett [Drums], Eric Stover [Drums]

The Joys, Large Mound, Mexican Pets, Perpetual Grooves, Surgeon Marta, The Wilde Oscars

'Elevator', 'Kill Me Kill You', 'Mom's A Zombie', 'Pump Me'. 'Your Fantasy'