DUBLIN 1969 - 1969
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The genesis of Jazz Therapy dates back to about 1968. Then a young drummer, Roger Doyle' place an ad in a newspaper looking for like minded individuals with whom he could form a jazz band. This resulted in the formation of the Alex Clarke Quartet. This outfit performed a number of gigs around Dublin over the course of the following year before a metamorphosis took place with the band becoming Jazz Therapy. The band's line up Jolyon Jackson [Keyboards], Chris Hanney [Guitar] and Brian Masterson [Bass Guitar] alongside the aforementioned Doyle. There is little known about the group and there are no known releases.

Jolyon, Brian and Roger would later form Supply Demand & Curve who were active for most of the 1970s, releasing one album along the way. Roger Doyle formed Operating Theatre along with Olwyn Fouere in 1981 and has released a large body of material as a solo artist.

Jolyon Jackson [Keyboards], Chris Hanney [Guitar], Brian Masterson [Bass Guitar], Roger Doyle [Drums]

Alex Clarke Quartet, Roger Doyle, Operating Theatre. Paddy Glackin & Jolyon Jackson, Supply Demand & Curve