DUBLIN 1968 - 1969
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The Alex Clarke Quartet came together in the late 1960s when a youthful Roger Doyle paced an ad in a newspaper looking for other musicians to come together to form a jazz group. Brian Masterson and Jolyon Jackson responded and together with Alex Clarke, they formed the Alex Clarke Quartet. The band is known to have played live around the 1968 -1969 period, however, there are no known releases from them. This project eventually morphed into another jazz project in Jazz Therapy.

Roger Doyle has gone on to be an acclaimed artist in his own right. As a solo artist, he has released an impressive body of electronic influenced music. In many ways, he has become the godfather of the Irish Electronica scene. During the 1980s, Roger was part of Operating Theatre which was a musical and theatrical group.

Jolyon Jackson [Keyboards], Alex Clarke [n/a], Brian Masterson [Bass Guitar], Roger Doyle [Drums]

Roger Doyle, Jazz Therapy, Operating Theatre, Paddy Glackin & Jolyon Jackson, Supply Demand & Curve