DUBLIN 1985 - 1988
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The Experiment was a Dublin-based psychedelic rock band which was active during the second half of the 1980s. Formed in 1985, the original line up featured Ken O'Duffy [Vocals], Liam Farrington [Guitar], Mark Young [Bass Guitar] and Paul Quinlan [Drums]. That line up was short-lived with Paul being replaced by Gary Sullivan later that year. American organist, Josh Elliot was also added to the lineup which added that psychedlic element to the band's sound. Not surprisingly, the group took inspiration from the likes of The Yardbirds, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors. While popular on the live scene, the group never managed to relase any material themselves. However. they did make contributions to two compilation records. In 1985, The Experiment contributed 'Dream In Colour' to the 'Weird Weird World Of Guru Weirdbrain' compilation. The following year, Comet Records released their first promotional record, 'Comet EP One' and it featured 'Rainbow Fish' by The Experiment.

The band went on to record a 3-track demo which featured 'Curse Of The Mink Witches', 'Nightmares And Dreams' and 'Love's Left Behind'. In 1986, the band recorded a session for the Dave Fanning radio show. The band recorded 'Second Sight', 'Love's Left Behind' and 'The Burning' for the show. As mentioned earlier, none of these recordings resulted in a release from the band.

Later in 1986, Josh left the group to pursue his studies. He was followed out of the group by Liam Farrington who was later replaced by Darragh O'Neill. When Ken was recruited to replace Thomas McLaughlin in Light A Big Fire in 1988, the band effectively came to an end.

After Light A Big Fire, Ken fronted The Believers, Nijinsky, Saville and, more recently The Citizens. Gary went on to drum with Firewater Creed, Stano and Engine Alley. Darragh formed The Hamptons. Darragh has since gone on to become an internationally renowned classical guitarist.

Ken O'Duffy [Vocals], Liam Farrington [Guitar], Mark Young [Bass Guitar], Paul Quinlan [Drums], Gary Sullivan [Drums], Josh Elliot [Organ], Darragh O'Neill [Guitar]

The Believers, The Citizens, Dynamo Hymn, Engine Alley, Firewater Creed, The Hamptons, Light A Big Fire, Nijinsky, Proles, Saville, Stano