DeLorean Suite is a 3-piece electronica band from Limerick. The line up of Jenny McMahon [Vocals], Graham Conway [Keybords & Programming] and Tony Roche [Drums & Percussion]. While the DeLorean Suite has been together since 2003, the trio have been performing together under various guises including Radars and Sub Zero since the 1990s.

Since forming the DeLorean Suite, the band has spent a number of years developing its own sound. In 2006, DeLorean Suite contributed the original track 'Slow Rider' to the 'Gaia : Mother Earth (An Organic Sound Experience). The band released its debut single 'Deep Love' in June 2009. The band's repertoire also includes tracks such as 'Half-Light', 'Love And Sincerity' and 'Running Away'. The band is currently working on new material with a view to future releases.

- Band formed

- Release of 'Deep Love' single [29 June]
- Release of 'Two Lives' album [01 February]

'Deep Love', 'Half-Light', 'Love And Sincerity', 'Running Away', 'Slow Rider'