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Brainchild was a late 1980s band based in Dublin. The group featured vocalist, Paul Redmond along with songwriters Leslie Keye and Jonathan Reichenthal. In 1987, the band contributed two tracks, 'White Rain' and '... And Of A Land Unknown', to the 'Snap Shots' compilation. The collection also featured contributions fromm the likes of Rex And Dino and Missing Link. There is little else known about this group.

Leslie and Jonathan went on to form The Wilde Oscars which also featured the likes of Naimee Coleman, Tara Egan-Langley [aka Tara Blaise] and Miriam Ingram. Leslie has also recorded a body of solo material - both under his own name and also using the Shiny Child moniker. He has also got involved in the production side of the business working on albums by the likes of Flinders. Paul went on to form The Unbelievable Children.

Paul Redmond [Vocals], Leslie Keye [Guitar & Keyboards], Jonathan Reichental [Keyboards & Guitar]

Patrick Freyne & His Bad Intentions, Leslie Keye, Shiny Child, The Unbelievable Children, The Wilde Oscars, The Winters