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`06 - 08 October 2011
Thursday 6th October Friday 7th October Saturday 8th October
The Workman's Club The Workman's Club Saturday 08th October
Youth Mass Morning Claws The Depravations
Red Queen Contest Yeh Deadlies The Danger Is
Boy Lights Fire No Monster Club Cloud Castle Lake
Howlin' Dowlin' Grand Pocket Orchestra MMOTHS
Land Lovers We Are Losers Last Days Of 1984
Bitches With Wolves LeGALAXIE Tieranniesaur
The Button Factory The Button Factory The Button Factory
Deaf Joe Owensie Amidships
Sounds Of System Breakdown Tenaka Seeping Into Cinemas
Spies BATS Groom
We Cut Corners Toby Kaar Ghost Estates
Funeral Suits Squarehead House Of Dolls
Enemies The Gorgeous Colours
Twisted Pepper Twisted Pepper Twisted Pepper
Nanobot Freezer Room Luasa
Simon Bird Carried By Waves The Violet Roadkills
Lorem Ipsum The Infomatics Junior 85
Mail Order Messiahs Zombie Computer The Casanova Wave
The Holy Roman Army Sleep Thieves Datadrip
Shebeen Chic Shebeen Chic Shebeen Chic
Karrie Empty Trees Ginnels
Conor Walsh People On Holiiday Time The Revelator
Water Cycle Clubfoot Charles Hurts
Elaine Mai Eleventyfour Hello Moon
Cars Love Girls The Crayon Set
The Grand Social The Grand Social The Grand Social
Beyond Olden Acre Fallen Rule Come On Live Long
The Followers Of Otis Mackeral The Cat The Debutantes
Cat Dowling Miracle Bell Low Sea
The Dying Seconds Goatboy Leaflog
Windings Pearse McGloughlin Biggles Flys Again
Daithi Autumn Owls Alarmist
The Mercantile The Mercantile The Mercantile
Ross Breen More Than Conquerors Hush War Cry
Moscow Metro Superblondes More Tiny Giants
Overhead, The Albatross Futures Apart Kid Karate
Henrietta Game Zealots Drunken Boat
Cfit The Dirty 9s Ginola
Little Xz For Eyes The Kanyu Tree Turning Down Sex
The Minutes