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The 2009 Hard Working Class Heroes Festival was held from 16 - 18 October. fs
Friday, 16th October Saturday, 17th October Sunday, 18th October
Academy 2 Academy 2 Academy 2
I ? The Monster Hero Fingersmith Armoured Bear
NoLady Kill Krinkle Club Biggles Flys Again
Deaf Anmal Orchestra Cutaways Autumn Owls
Here Comes The Landed Gentry The Distractors Tidal District
Not Squares Cheap Freaks Verona Riots
Heritage Centre
Andrew's Lane Theatre Andrew's Lane Theatre Andrew's Lane Theatre
Miracle Bell O Emperor Disconnect 4
We Cut Corners Ali & The DTs Robotnik
Subplots Gran Casino Only Fumes & Corpses
The Dead Flags Sweet Jane Funeral Suits
The Ambience Affair Adebisi Shank The 202s
Villagers Super Extra Bonus Party
The Button Factory The Button Factory The Button Factory
Midatlantic Oliver Cole Pearse McGloughlin
Alright Chief Land Lovers Ultan Conlon
The Brothers Movement Briana Corrigan Fiona Melady
A Plastic Rose Deaf Joe The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
Dark Room Notes Fionn Regan The Angel Pier
4 Dame Lane 4 Dame Lane 4 Dame Lane
Ladydoll Escape Act Primo
Theme Tune Boy P.Dog Vox Populi
Black Robots Blood Bottler Carpool Conversation
Zealots Collie Remma
Identity Parade Airstrip One
Killer Chloe
Think Tank Think Tank Think Tank
Giraffes Rory Grubb The Vals
Hired Hands Mail Order Messiahs Planet Parade
Ian Whitty & The Exchange Goatboy Exit The Street
The Star Department The Poormouth Pocket Promise
Heathers Liz Is Evil
More Tiny Giants
Twisted Pepper Twisted Pepper Twisted Pepper
Albert Penguin Kyon Go Panda Go
City Of Angels Yes Cadets Hassle Merchants
Bitches With Wolves Cities Jogging
Sergeant Megaphone The Holy Roman Army Tiny Magnetic Pets
Talulah Does The Hula Valerie Francis Sounds Of System Breakdown
Neosupervital The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock Ham Sandwich
The Dying Seconds
Hunter Gatherer