WEXFORD 1982 - 1987
Zerra One was formed in 1982 by Paul Bell [Vocals & Keyboards] and Andreas Grimminger [Guitar]. Bell had previously played with the likes of The Eric Bell Band and The Lookalikes. The pair were joined in the band by Adrian Wyatt [Bass Guitar] and Mike Mesbur [Drums]. Mesbur replaced Korda Marshall on drums in 1984.

The band released a string of singles between 1983 and 1986. Notable amongst these releases were 'The Banner Of Love', 'Tumbling Down' and 'Mountains And Water'. 'The Banner Of Love' reached Number 33 in the UK Indie Charts.

The band also released two albums 'Zerra I' [1984] and 'The Domino Effect' [1986]. The debut album was produced by Todd Rundgren.

The band split in 1987. However, Bell would later crop up as part of The Wild Swans along with former Cry Before Dawn front man, Brendan Wade. The pair subsequently change the group's name to The Swans and eventually Bell & Wade. Grimminger fronted My Baby's Arm before joining Cathal Coughlan in Fatima Mansions as Andrias O'Gruama. Korda Marshall went on to head up Infectious Records who counted Ash as one of the label's best known artists.

- Band formed
- Release of 'The West's Awake' single
- Release of 'The Banner Of Love (How I Run To You)' single
- Release of 'Let's Go Home' single
- Release of 'Zerra I' album
- Release of 'Ten Thousand Voices, Message From The Peoples' singles
- Release of 'Tumbling Down' single
- Release of 'Mountains And Water' single
- Release of 'Rain [Remix]' single
- Release of 'The Domino Effect' album
- Release of 'Rescue Me' single
- Release of 'Forever And Ever' single
- Release of 'The Domino Effect' single
- Band split