CORK 199x - TBC
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Weevil was a Cork-based band which was active during the early part of the 2000s. The band was originally formed at the end of the 1990s. The band went through a number of line up changes before settling on a stable line up of Diarmuid Galvin [Guitar], Dave Aherne [Bass Guitar] and Andy Haugh [Drums] in December 2000.

This new line up reinvented itself as an instrumental rock band. While the band's release history is unknown, they are known to have contributed an untitled track to the 'Grain' compilation in 2003. That year also saw the trio participate in the UCC Battle Of The Bands.

It's not known when the project came to an end. However, Diarmuid went on to perform with a series of outfits including Lerner, Freezer Room, Painting By Numbers and Slow Motion Heroes.

Diarmuid Galvin [Guitar], Dave Aherne [Bass Guitar], Andy Haugh [Drums]

Freezer Room, Hooray For Humans, Lerner, Painting By Numbers, Martin Ryan Band, Sea Area Forecast, Slow Motion Heroes, Waiting Room