Year 1982
Producer n/a
Label Vox Records
Format 7" Single VE-1
  1. Room
  2. Town
Melting Grey (released under The Protagonist 28-Nein)
Year 1983
Producer Stano, Dave Freely
Label Magnet Records
Format 7" Single MAG290
  1. Melting Grey
  2. Fox
Iwanseenowall (White Fields)
Year 1983
Producer n/a
Label Scoff Records
Format 7" Single DT-026
  1. Iwanseenowall (White Fields)
  2. Out Of The Dark Into The Dawn
Extened Play EP
Year 1985/86
Producer n/a
Label Food Records
Format 12" Single SNAK6
  1. Iwanseenowall
  2. Cry Across The Sea
  3. Out Of The Dark Into The Dawn
  4. Ascendancy