Azure Days Line Up : Gala Hutton [Vocals & Guitar], Ger Farrell [Drums], Ray Lowry [Bass Guitar]

This Carlow outfit won the Carling / Hot Press Band of the year award in 1988. Soon after they moved to London to develop their career but returned to Ireland in 1991.
The Floors Line Up : David Donohue [Vocals], Maria McKee [Vocals & Piano], Tania D'ileo [Vocals], Liam O'Brien [Guitars], Ray Lowry [Bass Guitar], Ger Farrell [Drums], Shaun O'Dell [Saxophone], Vinnie Murphy [Keyboards]
Arcane Asylum Line Up : Gerry Owens [Guitar & Backing Vocals]
Skindive [Mark 1] Line Up : Danielle Harrison [Vocals], Gerry Owens [Guitar & Backing Vocals], Alan Lee [Bass Guitar], Ger Farrell [Drums]
Turn Line Up : Ollie Cole [Vocals & Guitar], Alan Lee [Bass Guitar], Ian Melady [Drums]

In early 2003, Alan Lee left Skindive to join Turn as a replacement for Gavin Fox who, in turn, had left Turn for Idlewild
Skindive [Mark 2] Line Up : Danielle Harrison [Vocals], Gerry Owens [Guitar & Backing Vocals], Ger Farrell [Drums]
Lluther Line Up : Gerry Owens [Vocals], Dek [Guitars], Chief [Bass Guitar], Heff [Sample & GUitar], Ger Farrell [Drums]
Little Red Line Up : Jenny Lindfors [Vocals], Clara Murray [Guitar], Peter Stuart [Keyboards], Bernard O'Neill [Bass Guitar], Dave Sedgewick [Drums]

Band formed by Jenny Lindfors and Clara Murray in the Summer of 1999. The pair had been playing together over the course of the previous year. Peter Stuart, a keyboard player was added to the lineup. Bernard O'Neill (Bass) and Dave Sedgewick joined later and Little Red were formed.
Skindive [Mark 3] Line Up : Danielle Harrison [Vocals], Ger Farrell [Drums]; Neil Caldridge [Bass Guitar], Anthony Kiernan [Guitars], Jenny Lindfors [Backing Vocals & Keyboards]

This was the new line-up announced by Skindive in September 2003, prior to the planned release of their second album. This lineup was, however, shortlived as the band split soon after.
Jenny Lindfors Line Up : Jenny Lindfors [Vocals & Guitar]
The Ruby Tailights Line Up : Martin Kelly [Vocals & Guitar], Patrick Moran [Drums], Danielle Harrison [Vocals], Colin Morris [Bass Guitar], Ro O'Leary [n/a], Joe Chester [Vocals & Guitar]