The Sick And Indigent Song Club is a folk/roots band based in Dublin. The group was formed in 2003 by Angie McLaughlin and Gary Fitzpatrick at an open mic night. As cisrcumstances would have it, the duo ended up playing together at a live event. As time went on, they involved other musicians until The Sick And Indigent Song Club was formed. Those other members are Shane McGrath [n/a], Sheila Sullivan [Fiddle & Mandolin], Christian Volkmann [n/a] and Gerry Fitzpatrick [Lap Steel]. The group took its name from The Sick And Indigent Roomkeepers Society which is the oldest existing charity.

To date the band has released 3 albums. The first of these was a live affair. The record, 'Live At The Ha'Penny' was recorded in October 2005 at the Ha'Penny Bridge Inn in Dublin. The album was released the following June as a limted run. This is now difficult to fine. The first full release came in 2007. The album was entitled 'The Inistioge Folly' and contained studio recordings of a number of tracks which had appeared ont he live album. The band's third long player, 'Punch Drunk' followed in 2009.

- Band formed
- Release of 'Live At The Ha'Penny' album [01 June]
- Release of 'The Inistioge Folly' album [05 June]
- Release of 'Punch Drunk' album [04 November]