DUBLIN 199x - 199x
Pincher Martin was a punk-hardcore band based in Dublin. The group formed after Gary Fitzpatrick [Vocals & Guitar] and Richie Hatchet [Bass Guitar] left earlier outfit Ciúnas. Derek Mowlds joined on guitar and vocals to complete the lineup. The band was active during the mid-90s during which time it released one single and contributed tracks to a number of compilations.

In 1993, shortly after the band's formation, the band recorded a demo with Marc Carolan. The recording included 'Box', 'Strange Road', 'Time', 'Amaze' and 'Aphelion'. Pincher Martin contributed 'Aphelion' to the 'Raisins And Vomit ::: Vol 2' compilation. They also contributed 'Stab' to the 'Rejected ::: Volume 1' collection. Both of these compilations were released in 1994. The following year, the band released its only single - 'Bore Me'. The B-Side of this 7" single was 'Time'. The following year, the band saw its track 'Money' included on the 'Zip Up Your Boots For The Showbands' compilation.

Some time after this, the band split. Gary went on to form The Great Western Squares and released two albums with this outft. Since 2003, he has been part of The Sick And Indigent Song Club.

- Band formed
- Pincher Martin record first demo tape with Marc Carolan
- Release of 'Bore Me' single
- Band split