Saramai Leech and Cormac O'Keeffe are two talented musicians, originally from Navan. The pair have been working together in one guise or another since the early 2000s - as Saramai & The Swords and Saramai. Fast forward to late 2017 and the pair, are now based in Berlin. They now perform under the Pearly name. This latest endeavour boasts many of the same attributes of earlier outings. However, they are now that bit more mature, more confident. The band's dreamy alt-pop soundstill draws comparisons to the likes of Tori Amos and Kate Bush yet the Pearly sound is something different altogether.

We're still waiting for an album (or at least an EP) from the pair, however, an album is rumoured to be in the pipeline. At leat one track, 'Young Wonder' has beenmade available online while several othere are available in different guises. 'Lipsealed', for example, sees Cormac take lead vocal duties.

The band has been exceptionally busy on the gigging front. Hardly a week seems to pass without the the pair performing one place or the other. Most of the appearances have been in their new Berlin-base. However, they have made a number of trips home to play support to the likes of Hilary Woods [ex-JJ72] and Half Waif and to make an appearance at the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival in Dublin.

- Band formed
- Pearly perform @ the Junction Bar, Berlin [06 December]
- Pearly perform @ The Co Club in Crean's Bar in Oldcastle, Co. Meath [29 December]
- Pearly perform @ Madame Claude's, Berlin [09 January]
- Pearly perform @ Kugelbahn, Berlin [11 January]
- Pearly perform @ Prachtwerk Open Stage, Berlin [07 February]
- Pearly perform @ Artliners [08 February]
- Pearly perform @ the Home Bar in Berlin [12 February]
- Pearly perform @ Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris [01 March]
- Pearly perform @ the Bang On Fest [07 April]
- Pearly perform @ Bar Bobu in Berlin [01 May]
- Pearly perform @ the Craw Festival [22 June]
- Pearly support Michael Brunnock @ Prachtwerk, Berlin [21 July]
- Pearly support Hilary Woods @ The Sugar Club [14 September]
- Pearly support Half Waif @ Whelan's [28 September]
- Pearly perform as part of the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival in Dublin [29 September]

Bird And The Statue, Charlie's Song, Double Or Nothing, Feeling Of Plenty, Lipsealed, Young Wonder