NAVAN, CO MEATH 2000 - 2004
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Naked Flame was a Navan-based indie-pop-rock band. The 3-piece came together in December with a line up of Alan Carmody [Vocals & Guitar], Eric Doggett [Bass Guitar] and David Quail [Drums]. The group is known to have made a number of recordings during its lifetime. Many of these made it to CD and may have received an official release. What is clear is that the band received airplay on both sides of the Irish Sea as welll as press coverage in the two territories also. Notable tracks from the band included 'Nuit', 'Acrylic No.1', 'Church Monkey' and 'Pretty Little Girl'.

The band split in November 2004. Alan later went on to perform with another Navan outfit, Storybooks For Small Dogs.

Alan Carmody [Vocals & Guitar], Eric Doggett [Bass Guitar], David Quail [Drums]

The Handsome Boatmen, Storybooks For Small Dogs

Acrylic No1, Church Monkey, Eskimo, Nuit, Pretty Little Girl, The Wise