DUBLIN 2006 -
Kidic emerged in 2006 after earlier band, Kid Icarus underwent a name adjustment. The band line up featured Morgan Brickely [Vocals & Guitar], Mark Greene [Guitar], Colin Meagle [Bass Guitar & Vocals] and Jonathon Lundberg [Drums]. Kid Icarus had existed since 1997 before the name change. During this period, the band is believed to have released an EP entitled 'Kodak Colour Moment'.

The band's sound is a mixture of rock and pop. The band's songs are catchy and melodic. The first release from Kidic was the single 'Holding Doors For Strangers' which was released in May 2007. A second single, 'Rhetoric' followed in July of the same year. A third single 'Our Own Verona' was also scheduled to be released. However, it's not clear if this actually materialised.

In more recent times, the band has been in studio recording material for its debut album. It's rumoured that this will be due for release in 2013.

- Band formed
- Release of 'Holding Doors For Strangers' single [18 May]
- Release of 'Rhetoric' single [13 July]