DUBLIN 2003 -
The Band, known today as ITO, was formed in January 2003 in Ireland on a cold wet night, in an old room on the top floor of a Georgian house, in the little city of Dublin. Its arrival into the world had been preceded by the collapse of an earlier ensemble called The Marionettes that included founder members Johnny Rage and Ev.

An intermediate project, The Fauves, hooked them up with Steve 'the' Case on drums. This three-piece played as ITO for some months before recruiting Niall 'O' Styles to play xyls, and later a smart little keyboard. Being as they were three philosophy graduates and an American, it didn't take ITO long before they were playing venues all over Ireland, Herefordshire, and the state of California.

The State of California
ITO touched down in LAX on the 20th of October 2004. Delighted to find the natives hospitable, they slept on wooden floors and sofas--but only as a treat. The rest of their nights were spent in Bertha: a Dodge Ram conversion with a V8 engine pulling a half tonne chassis, and enough room in the back to sleep two children and a midget. With all the bands equipment and worldly possessions back there, the children and their midget had to sleep outside...

The tour started in San Diego, in one of its best-loved alternative venues: Brick by Brick. The next performance was slightly lower key, in the Blarney Stone off Balboa, but the crowd we're so convivial, the women so appealing and the beer so free, that ITO warmed to the establishment and were to return to play there six or seven times over the coming months.

Next stop was the bright lights of Los Angeles. The Knitting Factory on Hollywood Boulevard rocked to the rhythm of ITO. Molly Malones on Pico rang out with their peeling melodies. They jammed loud enough in The Viper Room on Sunset to wake River Phoenix. And Santa Monica Main street swung to a new breed of swing with ITO shows in O'Briens and Finns. The farewell gig was held back in San Diego at Winstons, Ocean Beach.

Since their return, ITO have remained constantly busy, playing in assorted venues around Dublin, Ireland and the world. The new album, Standby will be available from 17/Aug/07.

- Band formed
- Conrad joins the band [October]
- Release of 'Higher Than The Sun' single [19 August]
- Release of 'Vermilion' single
- Release of 'Standby' album [17 August]
- Release of 'I Like Disco' single