I Fight Crime

BELFAST | DUBLIN 2009 - 2009
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I Fight Crime was a short-lived punk-pop band with members from Dublin and Belfast. the group was formed in early 2009 by ex-members of Steer Clear and Boy Turns Hero. Both Mark McGowan and James McAuley had previously played with Steer Clear while Newg and Rakan had been part of Boy Turns Hero. Singer Aimee Prizeman completed the line up. The group recorded one EP during its existence. The 4-track 'Stampede' EP included 'Circuit', 'Count On Me', 'Pack Of Wolves' and 'Try Lying For A Change'.

The band split in late 2009. Aimee went on to perform with Hello Monroe.

Aimee Prizeman [Vocals], Newg [Guitar], Rakan [Bass Guitar], Mark McGowan [Drums], James McAuley [n/a]

Boy Turns Hero, Hello Monroe, New Romantics, Steer Clear, You And I

'Circuit', 'Count On Me', 'Pack Of Wolves', 'Try Lying For A Change'