DUBLIN 200x -
Fusion Family is an indie rock band from Dublin. The group centres around singer-songwriter Brian Walton. In an early incarnation of the group, Brian was supported by Tim George [Bass Guitar], Andy Guyett [Drums & Vocals] and Dave Tully [Lead Guitar]. More recently, the line up has changed significantly with Brian being on only remaining member. By this time, the group included Brian Walton [Vocals & Guitar], Ste O'Neill [Bass Guitar], Alex Skinner [Lead Guitar] and Reo Odirile [Drums].

The band released an EP entitled 'We'll Watch The Rivers Flow' in October 2009. The four track release featured 'The eStranged', 'Lust Beats Love' and 'HATE' as well as the title track. In May of the following year, the band released its debut album, 'Full Circle'. Later that year, the band was to be found performing as festivals such as Knockanstockan.

- Release of 'We'll Watch The Rivers Flow' EP [October]
- Release of 'Something Special' single
- Relase of 'Full Circle' album [28 May]
- Fusion Family perform at the Knockanstockan Festival