Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters are a Limerick-based rock'n' roll band. The group was formed in 2006 by Morgan Nolan [Vocals & Guitar], Ronan Mitchell [Vocals & Guitar], Shane Serrano [Drums & Vocals] and Gary Lysaght [Bass Guitar]. Sean O'Mahony has since replaced Lysaght on bass guitar.

Since its formation, the band has been slowly building up a head of steam. The group released its debut self-titled EP in 2007. The released included 8 tracks including 'Bone Beaten', 'King Amongst Fools' and 'Little Black Marble'. It was two years before the band returned with its next release. This came in the form of the 'Homeward Bound And Gagged' single. The track was warmly receivedand peaked at number 3 in the Irish Download Charts. That year also saw the release of a second EP, 'Congress Of Oddities'. The collection included the 'Homeward Bound And Gagged' single as well as five other tracks.

The band then set about finalising its debut album. With the record in the bag, a couple of singles ['Thread The Needle' and 'Hatch Sixteen'] were released as tasters for what was to come. The album, 'The Devil In Music' was released in May 2011.

- Band formed
- Release of 'Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters' E.P.
- Release of 'Homeward Bound And Gagged' [21 May]
- Release of 'Congress Of Oddities' EP [31 October]
- Sean O'Mahony joins the band on bass guitar & vocals
- Release of 'Thread The Needle' single [31 January]
- Release of 'Hatch Sixteen' single [15 April]
- Release of 'The Devil In Music' album [20 May]
- Release of 'Strip The City' single [30 September]
- Release of 'That Old Chestnut' single [31 March]