DUBLIN 199x - 199x
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The Flaps is a Dublin-based punk-rock group which has been active since the early 1990s. The group's line up includes Clive Carroll, Liam Mulvaney, Dave Kennedy, Barnes Goulding and Ed Joliffe. The band is known to have performed tracks with titles such as 'Chicken Pussy', 'Graveshop', 'Noel's Song' and 'Surf Punk'.

The band is known to have played at the Fleadh Mór Festival in Tramore, Co. Waterford in July 1993.

The members have also worked on a number of other projects. Both Barnes and Liam worked with Coade during the latter part of the 1990s. Barnes also was part of Igloo along with Kevin Murphy and Cian Roche. Liam also went on to play in The Radio, whose line up also featured Dave on bass guitar.

Clive Carroll [n/a], Liam Mulvaney [Guitar], Barnes Goulding [Drums], Dave Kennedy [Bass Guitar], Ed Jolliffe [n/a]

Coade, Igloo, The Radio

'Chicken Pussy', 'Clegg?', 'D.D', 'Filthy', 'Grissle's Kacks', 'Graveshop', 'M 'n' Ms', 'Noel's Song', 'Penis Head', 'Reggae', 'Roached Out', 'Sean', 'Summer', 'Surf Punk', 'Time To Die', 'Wrong Way', 'You Are'