Conor Furlong has been writing and recording music for almost ten years. Over the years he has played in various bands but always preferred the creative freedom of being solo. Making music in his home studio has been his priority, however, over the last year, he has turned his attention to gigging. He has made an impressive impact on the Dublin circuit with his shows in Whelan's, The Village, Temple Bar Music Centre and an in-store performance in Tower Records being among the highlights.

Conor has been based in Dublin, Ireland since 1997 when he moved from his family home in Kilkenny to study Politics at Trinity College. He spent much of his time at university discovering the music that would form the backbone of the influences upon him. It was at this point that The Beach Boys became his favourite band. Other influences were to follow from the likes of Beck, David Bowie, Rufus Wainwright, Air, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Mercury Rev, Elliot Smith, etc. (see 'Influences' section below).

Conor draws on these varied influences to create his own music. Whilst not in any way attempting to copy the work of these great artists, he simply draws inspiration from them. The discerning listener can, however, hear the effect these musicians and songwriters have had on him.

From 2002-04 Conor worked with the former Pulp/Moloko/Babybird manager who loved his music and worked tirelessly with him until serious illness forced him out of the music industry.

Everyone who has heard Conor's music remarks how captivating it is. Anyone who loves music will love the music made by Conor Furlong.

- Release of 'My Submarine' EP [May]
- Release of 'Mountains, Rivers, Stars' EP [September]
- Release of 'My Truth' single
- Release of '21' EP [05 October]
- Release of 'Eternal' album [30 May]
- Release of 'Peace Of Mind' single
- Release of 'Playing With Fire' album
- Release of 'Wrong' single
- Release of 'Godless' single
- Release of 'Are You Gonna Sleep Tonight?' single