Pugwash Line Up : Thomas Walsh [Vocals & Guitar], Keith Farrell [Bass Guitar], John Boyle [Drums & Percussion], Stephen Farrell [Electric Tremolo Guitar], Geoff Woods [Cello & Strings]

Active : 1999 -
The Divine Comedy Line Up : Neil Hannon [Vocals & Guitar], Joby Talbot [Piano], Bryan Mills [Bass Guitar], Ivor Talbot [Guitar], Stuart Bates [Hammond Organ], Miggy Baradas [Drums], Rob Ferrer [Percussion]

Active : 1989 -
The Duckworth Lewis Method Line Up : Thomas Walsh [Vocals & Guitar], Neil Hannon [Vocals & Guitar]

Active : 2009 -
Harry Holler And The Hooligans Line Up : Neil Hannon [Vocals], Conor O'Brien [Vocals & Guitar], Pete Routolo [Guitar], Jeremy Hickey [Instrumentation], Cathy Davey [Vocals & Guitar], Lisa O'Neill [Vocals], Rhob Cunningham [Vocals & Guitar], Keith Farrell [Bass Guitar], Wayne Cuddy [n/a]

Active : 2012 - 2012