The Duckworth Lewis Method is a collaboration between Thomas Walsh of Pugwash and The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon. The duo was brought together by their mutual love of the sport of cricket. The name they adopted, The Duckworth Lewis Method, is a reference to a mathematical way to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a one-day cricket match interrupted by weather or other circumstances.

On June 28th 2009, the band released their first single, 'The Age Of Revolution' as a digital download. Their eponymously-titled debut album was released the following week. In January 2010, 'The Duckworth Lewis Method' was nominated for the Choice Music Award.

- Release of 'The Age Of Revolution' single [28 June]
- Release of 'The Duckworth Lewis Method' album [03 July]
- Release of 'Meeting Mr. Miandad' single [28 August]
- The 'Duckworth Lewis Method' album is nominated for the 2009 Choice Music Award [January]