DUBLIN 1990 - 1993
Dignam & Goff was a collaboration between vocalist Christy Dignam and guitarist Conor Goff. The partnership came about at the end of the 1980s after Christy had left Aslan. The singer had released one single, 'One Man's Dream / Chasing Shadows' in 1989 before teaming up with the former G Squad and Fast Boys guitarist.

Over the following two years, the duo released a string of singles including 'Martin', 'The Hand Of Love' and 'The Rain'. They also recorded an album entitled 'Dead Blue Fish', however, this remain unreleased.

The project came to an end in about 1993 when Christy reunited with Aslan. He has been successfully leading the group ever since.

- Release of 'Hand Of Love' single [May]
- Release of 'Martin' single [August]
- Release of 'Feel It In My Heart' single
- Release of 'The Rain' single
- Release of 'Walk On Water' single
- Release of 'Sacrianna Falls' single