WEXFORD 1986 - 1993 [tbc]
Cry Before Dawn was formed in Wexford in 1986 by Brendan Wade [Vocals], Tony Hall [Guitar], Vinnie Doyle [Bass Guitar] and Pat Hayes [Drums]. While the band did recruit new guitarists in the form of Paul Spencer and Steve Belton of The Fountainhead, it was this original quartet that was the recognisable face of the band.

- Release of 'Follow Me' single
- Release of 'Gone Forever' single
- Release of 'The Seed That's Been Sown' single
- Release of 'Girl In The Ghetto' single
- Release of 'Crimes Of Conscience' album
- Re-release of 'Gone Forever' single
- Release of 'Witness For The World' single
- Release of 'No Living Without You' single
- Release of 'Last Of The Sun' single
- Release of 'Cry Before Dawn' E.P.
- Release of 'Witness For The World' album
- Release of 'To Be True' single
- Release of 'The Best of' album [08 April]
- Release of 'Live At The Opera House' album