DUBLIN 2004 - 2008
Crumb was an alternative rock band from Dublin which was active from the mid to late 2000s. The group was formed in 2004 by Dez Foley [Drums & Vocals], Eamonn Davis [Bass Guitar] and Derrick Dalton [Guitar & Vocals], Collectively, the trio had performed with a multitude of bands such as Hey Paulette, The Sewing Room, I Am The Waltons and Mexican Pets. Eamonn was later replaced by Fiachra McCarthy (formerly of Capratone, Groom & House Of Mexico).

The band released its debut album, 'Evenings & Weekends' in March 2005. The album was warmly received. However, the band came to a sudden halt in September 2008 when Derrick died suddenly.

In September 2010, on the second annversary of Derrick's death, Crumb released the aptly titled single 'Like Goodbye'

- Crumb is formed by Dez Foley, Eamon Davis & Derrick Dalton. All members had been members of other groups on the Dublin scene for a number of years.
- Release of 'Evenings & Weekends' album [March 2005]
- After Derrick's tragic death in September 2008, Crumb essentially came to an end
- To mark the second anniversary of Derrick's death, Crumb released the single 'Like Goodbye' [29 September]