Wayne Brennan is a native of the town of Daingean in Co. Offaly. From a very early age, he showed great potential and competence for guitar, bass, flute and percussion. In addition to this, he also played Irish traditional music. Throughout his teenage years, he experimented with musical styles from grunge to trash metal. However, as time passed he developed a more acoustic style. Three years living in Paris also had a significant influence on his style. Upon his return to Ireland, Wayne relocated to Dublin.

In March 2006, Wayne released his debut single, 'And I Love' which charted in Ireland, peaking at Number 20. Wayne soon followed this release with his second single 'Green Green Grass' in July of the same year.

On 01 May 2009, Wayne released his debut album, 'In My Hands'.

- Release of 'And I Love' single [11 March]
- Release of 'Green Green Grass' single [14 July]
- Release of 'Please Please' single [27 February]
- Release of 'In My Hands' album [01 May]
- Release of 'Make You Smile' single [03 July]