CORK 2012 - 2013
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The Breaks was a short-lived band from Cork. The group came together in 2012 when the four members were together in Ashton School. During transition year Luke O'Neill [Vocals & Guitar], Eoin Conway [Piano & Electric Organ], James Moone [Bass Guitar] and Fergal Hennessy [Drums]. This was the first time any of them had played in a band. In fact, the band were still coming to terms with their instruments. The band wrote a number of tracks during this period including 'Won't Go Far', 'Black Mammoth' and 'Leaving Song'. By the Spring of 2013, the band felt that a name change was in order and The Breaks became The Subterraneans. The quartet started to work on its debut EP - recording it in Fergal's shed. About a month before the release of the EP in September, the band underwent another metamorphosis emerging as The Careers. Recorded as The Subterraneans but released as The Careers, the 'Atomic Cosmosaurus' EP featured 6 tracks including 'All The All The Whiles', 'Devil In The Detail' and 'Won't Go Far'. The EP was well received and drew comparisons with the likes of The Strokes.

The Careers also had a relative short existence. In the Summer of 2015, Luke launched a new project, Damsel. Damsel is primarily a vehicle for Luke's own material, however, in a live context it's a five-piece band including his band-mates from The Careers along with Graham Cooney.

Luke O'Neill [Vocals & Guitar], Eoin Conway [Piano & Electric Organ], James Moone [Bass Guitar], Fergal Hennessy [Drums]

The Careers, Damsel, The Subterraneians