The origins of the BPLO lie in the infamous busking competitions of the University of Limerick that were a regular feature of student life in those crazy mid-90s. Flushed with success after glowing tributes from one Michael O'Suilleabhain, the embryonic BPLO was formed. In those days Brad Pitt was creating what is now widely regarded as the best work of his career, producing such timeless masterpieces as "Legends of the Fall" and "Interview with the Vampire". Who was more deserving of having an obscure unplugged indie cover band named after him?
The BPLO went from strength to strength, profiting greatly from the patronage of the UL Arts Office who would reliably book us for every event they organised, mainly so they wouldn't have to bother asking anyone else. BPLO historians have unearthed this evidence of a gig in 1996: probably the only written record of those magic years.

Unfortunately graduation and emigration took their toll on the BPLO, and it was not until 2004 that all the members had finally returned to their native shores. The world was ready for more BPLO: our resident Machiavellian genius David Blake Esq. had been fine-tuning a well-oiled song-producing machine in his bedroom laboratory/bathroom and the time had come to unleash its heady products on the world.

- Band formed
- Release of 'Small Contradictions' single [December]
- The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra perform as part of the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival in Dublin [16 - 18 October]
- Release of 'Lowering The Tone' album [27 August]
- Release of 'New Miracle' single in support of Daffodil Day