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The Bootleg Bootboys was a short-lived musical project. which was active during the middle years of the 2000s. The group featured Gavin Beattie on bass guitar. Gavin had previously performed with The Bloody Mutants and Backhanders. The line up may also have included Colin McQuillan [Runnin' Riot] on vocals. The remainder of the line up is unknown although it's believed that there were connections to Blood Or Whiskey.

The band is not known to have released any material. However, The Bootleg Bootboys did play live on a number of occasions. Notable gigs included the Jo Strummer 3rd Anniversary Toxic Xmas Bash in December 2005 and the Nuclear Winter Punk Festival in January of the following year.

Gavin Beattie [Bass Guitar], Colin McQuillan [Vocals], Johnny McMonagle [Guitar]

Aces Wild, Backhanders, Bincharge, Blood Or Whiskey, The Bloody Mutants, Runnin Riot, The Slick Hicks, Stress