DERRY 1983 - 1989
In April 1983, Paul McCartney [Vocals & Guitar] and Tom Doherty [Drums] got together to play music. Paul had previously played with 1970's punk band Graffiti. The duo were joined by a number of additional musicians including Reamonn O'Gorman who went on to play with That Petrol Emotion as well as George Quigley and Jeff Beale. The band can also take credit for That Petrol Emotion taking their moniker from a line of one of their songs!.

However, the quintesential line up saw McCartney and Doherty joined by John McCloskey on guitar and Joe Brown on Bass. The band soon built up a strong live following. The band released their debut single, 'Scraping Off The Shine' in 1987. The following year, their second and final single, 'Neck Tattoo' was released.

Some time after the release of this single, the band decided to split. Shortly after the demise of the band, McCartney appeared briefly with Rare, who had been formed by Sean O'Neill of The Undertones / That Petrol Emotion. He is credited on their 1990 single 'Set Me On Fire'. He later reappeared fronting The Deadly Engines who released an album, 'Entrance' on Setanta Records. The band has reformed on a few occasions since 2000, usually in support of charity events.

In 2007, McCartney was on the scene again with his latest outfit, The Rural Felini which also featured his brothers Gavin and Rio as well as David Doherty.

- Band formed
- Release of 'Scraping Off The Shine' single
- Release of 'Neck Tattoo' single
- Sometime after the release of 'Neck Tattoo' the band split. Paul McCartney briefly played with Rare, formed by Sean O'Neill [The Undertones & That Petrol Emotion] before forming The Deadly Engines who released 'Entrance' on Setanta Records.