CORK 1988 - 1988
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The Back Lane Boys was a short-lived musical project featuring Fergus O'Farrell [Vocals & Guitar], Kevin Murphy [Bass Guitar] and Colm McCaughey [Violin]. All three had been part of Interference, however, due to Fergus falling ill in about 1988, the project was put on hiatus. The group members went on to pursue a diverse set of projects. Towards the end of 1988 Fergus was recovering from his illness and he decided to start playing and singing once more. He enlisted Kevin and Colm and The Back Lane Boys was formed.

The band was essentially an acoustic outfit. The trio played together on a number of occasions. By this time, it was felt that it was time to relaunch Interference. The Back Lane Boys project was consigned to history.

Fergus O'Farrell [Vocals & Guitar], Kevin Murphy [Bass Guitar], Colm McCaughey [Violin]

Hank Halfhead And The Rambling Turkeys, Igloo, Interference, Seti The First