Year 1995
Producer n/a
Label Sticky Music
Format CD Single GUMCD-29
  1. Wishing
  2. Something From Nothing
  3. The Breeze
  4. May You Never
For What Feels Like Forever
Year 2002
Producer n/a
Label n/a
Format CD Single n/a
Includes :

Does This Have A Name?
Mirrorball Moon YES
The Shadow ?
Pressure Drop?
I Was Drinking And You Got Me Drunk [Live]?
Running In Dreams
Year 2003
Producer Iain Archer, Dave Lynch
Label Brightstar Recordings
Format 7" Single BSR-20-V
CD Single BSR-20-P
  1. Running In Dreams
  2. Lights
  3. Flood The Tanks *
* CD Single Only
Summer Jets
Year 2004
Producer n/a
Label Brightstar Recordings
Format CD Single BSR-34
  1. Summer Jets
  2. Colouring In
  3. See The Survivors
  4. Summer Jets [CD-ROM Video]
Boy Boy Boy
Year 2005
Producer n/a
Label [PIAS}
Format CD Single PIASX-085-CDP
  1. Boy Boy Boy [Radio Version]
  2. Worth
When It Kicks In
Year 2006
Producer n/a
Label We Love You
Format 7" Single AMOUR-25-S
CD Single AMOUR-25-D
  1. When It Kicks In [Edit]
  2. When It Kicks In [Freelance Hellraiser & Nigel Of Bermondsey Sodium Remix]
  3. You Confuse Me *
* CD Single Only
Minus Ten
Year 2007
Producer David Kosten, Iain Archer
Label We Love You
Format CD Single AMOUR-27-D
  1. Minus Ten
  2. Little Lately [Demo Version]
  3. When It Kicks In [Acoustic Version]
Songbird / Frozen Lake
Year 2009
Producer n/a
Label Black Records
Format CD Album n/a
  1. Songbird
  2. Frozen Lake