DUBLIN 2006 - 2007
Asciinoid is a musical pseudonym of Liam Dunne. Liam has been a mainstay of the Irish electronica and house scene for well over two decades. From the mid-nineties onwards, he traded as Lmd64 and released a number of notable EPs. He also found time to perform with indie band Groom. In 2006 he decided to do something different and started using the Asciinoid moniker for this new project. He released an album, 'Spectrum' in October of that year. There are also unconfirmed reports of the reelease of ''P-Hunk' as a single in 2007.

In more recent times, Liam has been releasing music under his own name.

- Project started
- Release of 'Spectrum' album [October]
- Release of 'P-Hunk & Remixes' single