TUAM, CO. GALWAY 198x - 1985
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All Cats Are Gray was a band from Tuam, Co. Galway. The band featured Kevin McHugh [Guitar & Vocals], Mousey McHugh [Bass Guitar & Vocals] and Fergal McGrath [Drums]. Alan Flynn replaced Fergal on drums at some point. There is very little known about this group, however, they supported New Order at a gig in University College Galway in April 1983. Notably, the group was managed by Leo Moran [ex-The Mix and later of The Saw Doctors].

The band recorded a demo in 1985. The recording included 'The Elphin', 'Brigitte Bardot'and 'The Bed Is Rough'. However, there are no known official releases from the band.

Mousy and Alan later formed Too Much For The Whiteman. Fergal went on to perform with De Nemos. He also drummed for a short period with The Saw Doctors.

Kevin McHugh [Guitar & Vocals], Mousey McHugh [Bass Guitar & Vocals], Fergal McGrath [Drums], Alan Flynn [Drums]

De Nemos, The Saw Doctors, Too Much For The Whiteman