ROSCOMMON | MAYO 2003 - 200x
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The band which became Agiven was originally formed in 2002 as FIRBhOLG. However, in early 2003, the band decided on a name change and Agiven was born. The group featured a core lineup of Niall McGrath [Vocals & Guitar], Enda Ward [Lead Guitar] and Kevin O'Sullivan [Bass Guitar]. Around this core, the band saw a string of drummers - David Burke, Felim O'Donnell, Paul Igoe, Dave Concannon and Ian McDonald and at least two violinists - Mika Kaida and Michael Chang.

The band drew on diverse influences in creating its own sound which has been described as alternative rock with a twist of Jazz and celtic music. The band have cited the likes of Pixies, The Frames, THERAPY?, Tool and the Dave Matthews Band as influences. The band's first recorded output came to light in 2004 in the shape of a 3-track demo CD. The demo featured 'You My Idol', 'Forgive Yourself' and 'Just Three Words'. The CD was well received and interest in the band increased. The band recorded a second demo that year at Grouse Lodge Studios in Westmeath. This time out, the demo featured two songs - 'This Little Thing We Have' and 'Born To?' with the addition of Mika Kaida on violin. While Mika had to return to Japan shortly after the recording, the band were now convinced that the violin added an important element to the band's sound. While it took some time, the band finally recruited Michael Chang.

In 2008, the band released it's first full EP - 'Legible Words For The Morning'. The record featured 5 tracks - 'Join The Queue', 'No Miracles Expected', 'Meant To Be Alone', 'Open Wound' and 'This City'.

There is nothing known about the band after this period.

Niall McGrath [Vocals & Guitar], Enda Ward [Guitar], Kevin O'Sullivan [Bass Guitar], David Burke [Drums], Felim O'Donnell [Percussion & Flute], Mika Kaida [Violin], Michael Chang [Violin]. Paul Igoe [Drums], Ian McDonald [Drums], Dave Concannon [Drums]

Anthill Mob, Drummer In Nemesis, FIRBhOLG, Penfold DM