ROSCOMMON 1990/91 - 2003
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Acrobats Of Desire was a rock band from County Roscommon. The three-piece featured David Duke [Guitar], Clem Duke [Vocals & Bass Guitar] and Mark Smith [Drums]. The group played its first gig in 1991.Details of the band are sketchy, however, the trio are known to have released at least one single - 'Ahead Of Your Time' which was issued as red vinyl 7". Other known tracks from the group include 'Open' and 'A Song For Whoever'.

The group appears to have split around 2003 but came back together for some anniversary shows in late 2010 / early 2011. In the late 2000s, David and Clem popped up playing with The Parade.

David Duke [Guitar], Clem Duke [Vocals & Bass Guitar], Mark Smith [Drums]

The Parade